Gorgeous embossing from Norwich

What's the difference between foil printing and embossing?

It has become very obvious that people get confused with the two. Foil printing uses pressure to push INTO the paper or board slightly. Embossing RAISES the print form the paper or board

Hot foil printing, blind embossing, foil and embossing & blind debossing - all by Dynamic Print really usefull printing Norwich

Hot Foil printing

pushes DOWN

in to the sheet

Blind embossing pushes UP

in to the sheet

Foil & embossing pushed UP

from the sheet

Blind debossing pushes DOWN

in to the sheet


It's what we do!

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This is what makes us unique. This is really a specialism. We have been embossing for over 20 years.


It's a growing part of our business as it's a perfect way to enhance the printed sheet; not EVERY printer can't do this!


We supply embossing to both the trade and end user.

What about debossing?

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The benefits of embossing?

A 'dynamic' way to stand out from the competition. Embossing to the highest standards. We emboss both with foil and 'blind' (no foil, just using the texture and how light falls across the finished job). Well worth that extra spend!


Using a magnesium printing die in conjunction with a counterforce die the paper or card is brought together under pressure raising an area proud of the sheet. Incredible effects and a truly high end finish to premium print jobs!

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Embossing be aware!

Firstly please note the cost implications.

250 business cards printed in full colour and foil printed would cost approx. £164+VAT.

The same job which is then embossed would take that cost to approx. £271+VAT.


100 A6 invitations printed in full colour and foil printed would cost approx. £149+VAT.

The same job which is then embossed would take that cost to approx. £289+VAT.

Below left is the 'counterforce' part of the embossing die made of Polymer. To the right is the etched magnesium part of the die - these come together with paper between resulting in the logo being embossed.

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Things to remember about embossing...

Embossing is a 'single sided' effect. With the fibres being pushed up in to the embossing die from the back it will always show through. People ask for double sided embossing sometimes which obviously doesn't work. See the pictures to the right. Also, as two parts of the die come together very fines lines need to be avoided as they simply don't work.

Chiquita Embossing die

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