Business entrepreneur Mark Overton's love of music and album art gave rise to the creation of Off Beat Lounge.


This page is dedicated to what we have got up to in getting the brand to where it is today.



It's what we do!

More than photography

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Off Beat Lounge is one of Dynamic Impressions' clients. What do they do? They lease limited edition fine art prints from original artwork and original photographs of singers and band members. An incredible collection of art.


Following the success of Off Beat Lounge in October 2011 Off Beat XXV was launched - an exclusive members only club that offers members the chance to purchase extremely rare (25 copies worldwide) prints of pictures that have never seen before.

What have we done for Off Beat Lounge? What disciplines have been used by the creative team at Dynamic? You'll find the answers below!

Norwich Gallery Off Beat Lounge sign
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The photo shows a stunning acrylic sign produced by Dynamic. "We wanted to keep the wall of the building as part of the design - earthy and textured" said Katrina Phillips, one of Dynamic's designers.

What the client says...


Barney Phillips at Dynamic Impressions had all the expertise and skill I needed, and crucially, to paraphrase Ray Davies,






and appreciated what I was trying to build. We were, and are rock art soul mates, especially when it comes to Off Beat's brand identity.


Over the last couple of years Barney has assisted with brand development, been my 'in-house' photographer and designed promotional materials for me. Our target market is largely high net worth individuals, and our prints appreciate in value that runs into thousands of pounds, so our promotional materials have much to live up to!

This image was created using the 'Led Zeppelin' album cover 'In through the out door'.



Maybe you have a favourite album cover, photo or scene from a film that Dynamic could re-create with you in it? Just email us!

We drove to London for a gallery visit with Off Beat proprietor Mark Overton to meet the artist Storm Thorgerson. We enjoyed the auction and made some purchases too! "I even managed to win a signed picture by Storm" comments Barney Phillips from Dynamic.


After the auction Dynamic captured the unusual shot of Mark with Storm (pointing his walking stick at the camera - although it just looks like a huge white dot!)


Storm's work includes artists like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Scorpions, Peter Gabriel and Genesis.

What we've got up to...

Off Beat Lounge's Mark Overton with Storm Thorgerson
Mark Overton with Micheal Spencer Jones
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Photographer Mick Rock being filmed

Barney (MD of Dynamic) is heard to say "he's the man who shot the man who shot the 70's" - a proud moment!

Dynamic zoomed to London to photograph Mick Rock - legendary music photographer during an Off Beat filming session.


Mick is known as "the man that shot the 70's".

It was the second time Barney has taken his picture, the first was at a London gallery where he got the pointing shot of Mick.

Photographer Mick Rock pointing

At Dynamic Impressions we pride ourselves in the variety of disciplines we have. No other graphic designer, printer or design agency locally offer the diverse range of processes.

Dynamic travelled down to the OXO Tower where Michael Spencer Jones held an exhibition. This culminated in having dinner with Mark, Michael and an Off Beat client. Michael was responsible for the photography on the first three Oasis album covers AND all the singles therein.

Pictured here is Mark Overton with Fiona Ryder at Dunston Hall, showing one of Off Beat's prints 'Aladdin Sane'  David Bowie's 6th album.

Oasis What's the story Morning Glory album cover

'he really got me'

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