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Hot Foil printing.

It's what we do!

Sorry, we don't edge print cards.

This is what makes us unique, we have four foiling machines. One dates back to the 50's. They are built to last and give beautiful results. These machines give us the ability to print different materials and print areas.


We Hot Foil print invitations and business cards, book jackets, diary covers as well as letterheads and compliment slips.


We enhance print making it beautiful!

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Fancy foil printing?

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The benefits of Hot Foil printing?

The best way to use Hot Foil printing is to use it to enhance traditional litho print or digital print. Use it as an accent rather than blitzing the job and using foil everywhere the result will look trashy rather than elegant.

Hot Foil printing, embossing, debossing which one?

Every day people say they want embossing but they mean foiling. Look at the images below to help you decide what you want. Embossing will add 50-100% more cost to your job but blind debossing is the same price as foiling.

Hot foil printing, blind embossing, foil and embossing & blind debossing - all by Dynamic Print really usefull printing Norwich

Hot Foil printing

Blind embossing

Foil & embossing

Blind debossing

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Foil is printed by using heat & pressure. Heat to activate a glue that's on the back of the foil and pressure to push the

foil in to the sheet. Gold and silver are the most common, but there are lots of shades, satin and effect foils too.

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Preparing artwork for Hot Foil printing?

Vector eps artwork please. Foil layer to be solid black with a visual to show foil printed area. All fonts converted to outlines. Steer clear of tones and tints! They don't re-produce well when foiling. If in doubt email us for hints & tips.

What is Hot Foil?

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Why do we still foil print?




The film explains it...

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